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Business Activities

Franchisee Business

Supporting small and medium-sized real estate companies and companies newly entering the real estate buying/selling and leasing businesses

We aim to provide HOUSE DO contact locations that are convenient and offer peace of mind to people in all areas of Japan.

We aim to have 1,000 shops in Japan.

In the franchisee business, we provide small and medium-sized real estate companies which need the brand and network and companies aiming to newly enter the real estate business with expertise in the real estate business (strategies for attracting customers, IT strategies, training and development, motivational strategies, etc.). By creating a nationwide chain, we are pursuing our Group philosophy of making information open and working to provide locations across Japan that are convenient and offer peace of mind to customers.

House-Leaseback Business

Purchasing homes while living in them

Selling assets, leasing them and moving them off the balance sheet

Developing new systems that leverage real estate to meet market needs

This business comprises the house-leaseback business and the Property Management Business. House-leaseback refers to an arrangement in which we acquire a property the customer owns. After the sale, they continue to live in the home under a lease agreement as they have previously under a sale-and-leaseback system. This differs from the sole conventional option of selling real estate as it enables customers to leverage their real estate by liquidating assets, raising funds, transferring, etc. and putting it to work while remaining in their homes. This service moves housing assets off the balance sheet and converts them to cash, which can be employed in businesses or put to various other uses. In the Property Management Business, we manage House-Leaseback owned properties and income properties.

Finance Business

Quick and accurate valuation by utilizing real estate information of the HOUSE DO Chain Network

Providing customers with various financing solutions by utilizing real estate

In the Finance Business, we utilize our real estate valuation capability, made possible by the HOUSE DO Chain nationwide network, to provide customers with various financing solutions using real estate.
We provide individual and corporate customers with real estate secured loans, and we are able to flexibly provide accurate and quick valuations for various financing needs, including cases when the transaction price tends to be unclear and bank financing is difficult to procure, such as transfers within a family or relatives, when financing is to be used for a second house or revenue-generating property, or when a business owner is seeking working capital or capital investment funds.
In addition, by partnering with financial institutions, we are able to provide security valuations and operate a guarantee business for reverse mortgages and real estate secured commercial loans.

Real Estate Buying and Selling Business

Liaising with real estate brokerage businesses both within and outside the Group

Realizing purchases that meet the needs of both buyers and sellers

In the buying and selling business of real estate, we develop a "specialized shop in buying of homes and real estate." In this business, we acquire and renovate and resell pre-owned housing, build and sell newly-detached homes, develop residential land and renovate and resell blocks of income-generating real estate. We acquire real estate ourselves, add value and then sell it on to general customers and investors. Achieving synergies with the mediation business for buying and selling, we purchase properties by understanding buyers' needs. Leveraging our nationwide network of directly operated and franchised shops, we propose purchase prices immediately.

Real Estate Brokerage Business

In this business, we aim to provide customers with one-stop services and act as their primary point of contact.

General entrance when looking for one's own home

Concentrating on real estate information that is fresh and openly available

In the real estate distribution business, we are endeavoring to build a new residential distribution system that actively promotes relocation so customers can find the ideal house that suits their stage of life. By making information about properties and sample transactions openly available, we encourage transactions that are transparent, provide peace of mind and are satisfactory for customers. Using the Web, fliers and shops provide more customers more quickly with fresh information. In addition to proposing properties, we suggest financial planning and insurance. We provide comprehensive assistance aimed at helping customers find their ideal homes, meeting their needs with solutions such as building new house and renovation.

Renovation Business

Providing comprehensive support for homes that suit customers' life cycles

Offering value-added home from a customer's point of view

This business comprises the renovation business and the housing (newly-detached house) business. With mediation in buying and selling serving as the primary contact with customers, we provide one-stop solutions to meet the needs customers have expressed for renovation and housing (newly-detached house). In addition to refurbishment of houses, we concentrate on such elements as design sense that meets customers' individual preferences and lifestyles, as well as livability. Taking these factors into account, we propose value-added renovations that offer functionality and design sense.

Property Management Business

Through operating the Property Management Business, we aim to maximize revenues for real estate owners.

Highly transparent property management by openly providing information to both the tenants and the owner

In order to maximize revenues through the property management operations, we undertake the management operations. RENT Do is real estate owners’ best partner for asset management.